Republika has great opportunities for both studying courses and for taking great care of your time. The study areas where the toughest brain storms can be done, and the study hall where you can focus quietly on your lessons, will be your greatest support during exam periods when high grades are targeted. For those looking for a little fun, we are waiting for you in the game room, the cinema room or the pool on our terrace!


Republika offers many features that will make your life easier. Thanks to the 24/7 reception service, we can respond to any problem at any time. You do not need to look for a hairdresser outside, if you go to the elevator and hit -1, you will encounter the door that opens to newness. Also your safety is very important to us and we are very careful about this issue 24/7. Shortly; new address for new life: Republika.


If you are a Republika member, the opportunities for you are going beyond the building. Thanks to republika card and application you can have many advantages. With this card, you will get a discount on many brands and places. You can also have the privilege of requesting breakfast to your room with using your application.


Republika is a big, warm house and we are a huge family. A team with full of energy is working to make your life easier will be waiting for you here… When you try to become familiar with the new city, let us help you to do things like “where to stay”, “what to eat”, “where to play sports”, “how to pay bills”. Let us provide you with a fun, social and fully life; beyond just safe and comfortable accommodation. We are going to stand with you in this tough process of being separated from your family. Let’s make your college years even more fun as you will remember as perhaps the most beautiful memories of your life. We are the republikans and we are here for you with all our energy. 7 days and 24 hours, all of your questions and problems…

Wishing to spend happy days together…



Comfort like hotel and cozy home environment… This is Republika… A multi-dimensional, very enjoyable life complex that offers everything you need for years of college…

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