Ortaköy is a district connected to the Beşiktaş district on the shores of the Bosphorus. The Ortaköy Square is famous for Kumpir, Kokorec and Waffle stores. Ortaköy Mosque is a symbol of the city. It is a center of interest since the Ottoman period. At the time, the sultans visit this place as a summer resort. The magnificent palaces crowned with natural treasures. Today Ortaköy Bazaar, which is located in the mosque-church-synagogue triangle, is a cultural center with its portable “intellectual bazaar”, souvenir shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, Çırağan Palace, Kabataş High School, Galatasaray University and Princess Hotel. On the way down to the beach, you will see the kumpir and pancake stores which are the venues of Ortaköy.


There are so many reasons to choose Republika when starting your new life…

In Republika’s modern designed comfortable rooms you are welcomed by 5 star hotel standards. You are with a warm, friendly, energetic team who works for you, who thinks for you, who you can consult in every way and you can get services 24 hours a day. With superb social activities, you live your life to the fullest beside your studentship. You are very close to the important universities of Istanbul and the important points of the city. You are safe with a 24/7 camera system, electronic card entry, and latest technologies used in all areas. You are always online with free internet at high speed. You will always be fit at the Republika Fitness Center which equipped with the latest technological equipment. You will not deal with electricity, water, heating, cooling, furniture, internet and cleaning costs. Do not bother with bills, you just focus on your lessons.

Food is always ready in Republika. It’s up to you to choose from the exquisite choices offered in the breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Enjoying the DVD in the movie room or poolside fun in the terrace? A few sets of table tennis, billiards or a PlayStation session in the game room… Or any interests to improve your creativity in the hobby room… Choose whichever of them, you will surely find a way to have a good time in Republika.

With a specially designed comfortable, quiet and quiet study room, there are no obstacles to success in Republika. You will be comfortable and practical in every way with the storage for your special items and the laundry/pressing room for your laundries. And of course, you are very fortunate to have new friendships with young people from different countries, cities and universities in the colorful, multi-lingual, very enjoyable environment of Republika.

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