Laid-back lifestyle in University

A warm room that’s entirely yours! You’ll be able to relax in our comfortable building with a huge team who’s here for your needs. Never compare your life in Republika with a hotel room or a dorm! A very short to-do-list and the comforts of home are waiting for you. Our team at Republika has thought of everything you may need. No need to find furniture or trasportation. Your household things have already been prepared.

Have fun or study, It’s your choice!

Rumble, chaos, disorder… We aware that the dormitories could be a nightmare. There is no chaos like that at Republika. You can go to a party or you can study your exams. It’s all up to you!

Let’s study together!

Final exams… If you want to study for finals in University, you would be disappointed because of crowded classrooms or noisy libraries. What do Republika students do in these situtations? They go to Republika’s Seminar Hall and do their homework together!

You feel at home here, you are safe at home!

We’re al about safety at Republika. Security is our top priority! Our first mission at Republika is your protection and security. Security cameras are always on 24/7. Security staff are waiting for you at the door. Our intercom system in your room is always available to you. As you can see, everything is under control in Republika.

Don’t worry about bills, just kick back!

The biggest nightmare during student life is paying bills. Don’t worry about that at Republika. We got it all for you! You can shower as you want, use our facilities to your heart’s conent, or go online as much as you like… Life without paying bills is bliss!

Your home away from home

The best part of being a Republika Student is that you are always close to your home. There are no longer any long trips or traffic problems! All the campuses are around the Republika facilities. If you are a Republika Student, you won’t deal with people who are trying to sell things in traffic!

Everyone here is like you.

We all study in similar schools here. We like the same movies, music and stories. There are dozens of people in Republika who are the same age as you and have the same ideas. New friends, new hobbies and new adventures are waiting for you at Republika.

Like mom is here !

No one can be like your mother of course but we like to our students to lead a comfortable life. We help you with a lot of tiresome things like cleaning and laundry services. We wash and iron your shirts. We cook nice food like mom.

Ready to have fun?

We know you are young and full of energy. We do not just sit together as teenagers. There will always be something fun in your life in Republika. Parties, cultural events, surprise activities… You will be amazed how your day is so full. Republika has everything except boredom.

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